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Hand Painted Lantern Side | Unknown location (ca 1890s)


Title: Unknown building and location.

Date: ca 1890s 

Photographer: Unknown, possibly the artwork of Felice Beato (1832-1909) one of the most significant photographers of the 19th Century. 

    Format: Hand Painted lantern glass slide 

    Source: This slide is part of a collection of magic lantern glass slides acquired by Decorative Salvage at auction in the UK, 2020.

    Authentication: We are in the process authenticating the photographer of this lantern slide.

    Preservation: Decorative Salvage is currently preparing this slide for digitisation to ensure that unique and valuable content is preserved in digital.

    Decorative Salvage Prints & Exhibitions: If you would like to buy a print of this photograph, or be invited to future Decorative Salvage exhibitions featuring this photograph, please contact us.

    Can you help us? Can you help us verify the photographer of this historical photo from the 19th Century?  If so, please contact Andrew on +44 7918 533 292.


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